Dress – Pip Squeak Chapeau , Shoes –Bryr, socks- borrowed from my husband:)



Pip Squeak Chapeau is definietly one of my favorite brand and,  to my pleasure,  it is  localy made ( in Brooklyn of course:).
I know them from the very begining since they started the business and their first boutiqe on Franklyn street in Greenpoint.
This brand is very uniqe and it’s easy to get addicted to those comfortable clothes.  I always loved linen and PSC is  using only 100% natural yarns and fabrics , such as linen, cotton, hemp, wool, silk, alpaca and mohair,  this collection is hand made by men and women who live and work in Brooklyn, New York. Skilled and creative work they do benefits their customers and  children and helps to sustain ethical community and environment.
There is always something new so I feel like I have to visit them  quite often  to make sure I don’t miss anything. I have few dresses from  the first collections and I thing they are timeless….

It sure works perfectly for me.