Can’t wait for real autumn in New York . It’s hard to think about all accessories and clothes when it still so warm and summery outside. Althought I feel like it is almost here and I want to be ready. I have some many ideas and beautiful things I want to get for my daughter.

Fall is my absolutly favorite time of the Year and I can’t wait to start dressing the part.

Accessories are the best :) You can buy things that will last you for few seasons and some of them you can also use in the spring with pop of colors. In the Fall I like dark and ashy colors mixed with dark green and definitly anthracitic.

I love corduroy, suede, velvet and a lot of wool specially cashmere. All of this can be cozy, warm and look so stylish.

There are few Ideas that I want to share with You…

  1. Wool bather cap by little creative factory
  2. Retro beret by little creative factory
  3. Umbrella scarf by Bobo choses
  4. Beret by Zara
  5. Flower pilot helmet by Petit nord
  6. Fur hat by Waddler